Factory Tour

factory Tour

  • Huigao has 10 production lines for high-frequency transformers, toroidal transformers, low-frequency transformers, EMI filters, linear filters, inductors and has 6 production lines for automotive components.

  • Huigao has 2 SMT production lines, 1 wave soldering production line, 4 manual assembly production lines, and 9 U cells for power supply assembly.

  • Huigao factory has MES production management system, which build a basic platform for production data collection, complete product tracking, production WIP status monitoring, and bar code system from raw material supply, production, sales and logistics. MES system effectively guide factory's production and operation process.

  • Huigao pursues flexible production and kanban management to better respond to the rapid change of market demand and support the delivery of multiple varieties and low volume.

Factory of Electromagnetic Component
  • General view
  • Automatic winding
  • 8-axis automatic winding
  • Toroidal transformer production line
  • Automotive transformer production line
  • Automotive transformer production line
  • Vacuum potting room
  • Automatic varnishing room
  • Drying room
Factory of PCBA
  • SMT
  • Wave soldering
  • Wave soldering
  • Through-hole production
  • PCBA cleaning
  • Power supply assembly line